Friday, September 7, 2012

Following the Plan Friday: The Letter C

Welcome to another addition of Following the Plan Friday.  This week we focused on the letter C.

Well, actually, we started C last week.

Monday, a week ago, we did our Cats theme.

Oh, let me tell you this:  Jason had a blast cutting animal pictures out of magazines.  See, two weeks ago I was prepping for the week's lessons.  The kids were playing and doing various things.  I started cutting animal pictures out of magazines (I knew there was a reason for those free magazine subscriptions!).  Jason asked me what I was doing, and then asked if he could do it.  He absolutely loved finding animals, calling them out to me, and cutting them out.  It was a wonderful, impromptu learning experience and connecting time for us.  I will definitely be adding more of this type of thing into our days.

So, Monday we sorted cats from other animals and did a bunch of Cat Printables.

Monday was also the first day of school for my daughter, so we began our new schedule of getting up and out the door in the morning do drop her off at school and to participate in chapel.  You can read about our new routine and what our days look like in my Day in the Life post.

Tuesday we had to stop at Walmart on the way home from the school and so we were late getting back and starting school.  Tuesday night is our mid-week service at church, and I knew that I needed to get things ready for my mom's arrival the next day, so I scratched the plans to paint with cars and have a carwash and instead, gave the boys the cars and some blocks.  They had fun making structures for their cars to drive around.  We didn't get any more school done that day :(

The boys playing with cars and blocks.

Wednesday my mom came and we didn't get any school done that day either.

By Thursday I had decided to scrap the week and start again the next Monday.  We had a blast visiting with my mom.

So, school began again this past Tuesday.  I picked up the Cars theme again and we did the painting with cars activity.  My boys loved this and it looked so cool.  I used black poster board and started out with white paint.  We then added yellow and purple.  The boys also enjoyed going into the bathtub for a "car wash".
Jason also painted the cars.

Jason also did his printables.  I was amazed to discover that somewhere along the line Jason learned his numbers.
My mom said he looks asleep here, but he's just concentrating really hard :)

Wednesday we had another 4-year-old join us for the day.  I held off on Preschool until Justin went down for a nap, then I had both 4-year-old boys do the lesson.  They breezed through my plans and wanted more, so I printed off twelve pages of tracing.  They shared and stayed busy for 1.5 hours!!  It was great!

Trace and Color Cow
Thursday I borrowed a Candy Land game from a friend.  Once the boys saw it, they refused to wait until the next day to play it, so we switched and did our Candy lesson instead of Caterpillars.  Jason has loved playing Candy Land and is a good sport even when he gets sent all the way back to the cupcake!

I would place a number on the dish and he had to add the correct number of candies to the bowl
Color by number candy dish
Friday we had furniture delivered (hurray!), so we just did an abbreviated lesson while waiting for our new table.  The boys glued pom-poms onto a C to make caterpillars.

Justin's Caterpillar
Our favorite books this week were If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and Cows to the Rescue

They hated It Looked Like Spilt Milk.

What'd you do this week?

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