Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lesson Plan for Week of September 24: The Letter F

This week we are focusing on the letter F.

Since the first day of Fall is September 22, we will start our week with a focus on the seasons and a craft or two about fall.  I will admit that I am finding this a little difficult as Phoenix doesn't experience a "normal" fall, so I'm trying to find things that are relevant to our experiences as well as yours.  (Phoenix has two seasons:  Hot and Hotter.)

I also want to focus on Fall as more than just a word for this week's letter, so I will be incorporating some other Fall days into the next few months.  This week's Fall day will focus mostly on Falling Leaves.

For the rest of our week, we will celebrate our Flag, jump like Frogs, go Fishing, and talk about our friends and family.  Join in the fun!



  • Pick which craft you will do, or do both.  Gather the items for the craft you've picked.  Print out the template, as needed.
  • Print out the Basket Leaf Sorting Sheet.  Cut out leaves in assorted colors, or purchase.  You can write numbers or letters on the leaves, if desired.
  • Print out and prepare any desired printables.
  • Review A-E
  • Introduce the letter F
  • Focus on F is for Fall.
    • Explain to your child that the season just changed on Saturday and we are now in the Fall season!  This may be an easy concept for your child as he can feel the weather getting cooler and see the leaves changing colors and falling.  For others, like us, it may still be HOT and leaves don't change colors until January.  However, the calendar does say its Fall, and we do see pumpkins and apples, and Thanksgiving is coming soon, so we'll have fun with it anyway.  Today we are mostly going to focus on leaves; we will pick up some other fall themes through the next several weeks.
  • Make the Fall Button Branch and/or the Fingerprint Fall Tree Craft
    •  Follow the directions to make the crafts, as desired.
  • Play with the Leaf Sorting Sheet
    •  You can use this to sort the leaves by color.  You can also write numbers and letters on the leaves and have your child find the leaves with the numbers and letters that you call out.
  • Do desired printables.


  •  Items for Roll and Cover game, by The Preschool Toolbox
    • Printable
    • dice
    • bingo markers, marshmallows, cotton balls, something to cover the flags
  • Gather items for American Flag with Glitter
    • Set up the cardboard as described in the blog post
  •  Gather items for Star and Flag Match
    • Make stars or purchase some at the Dollar Store
    • Purchase flag toothpicks, or cut some out of construction paper
    • Write letters and/or numbers on the stars and the flags.  The stars and the flags should contain the same letters or numbers.
  • Gather items for Craft Stick Puzzle
    • If you are going to pre-paint the puzzle, do it the night before so that it can dry.
  •  Gather items for Roll and Cover game
    • Print out the game
  • Review the letter F.
  • Focus on the Flag
    • The children might remember our discussion about the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance during our first week of school.
    • Talk about the flag, and what it represents.  There are 50 stars to represent each state in the union and thirteen stripes to represent the first thirteen states.
  • Make the American Flag with Glitter
    • Follow the directions given to make this fun sparkly craft.  It might be a good idea to do this outside, weather permitting.
  •  Play Star and Flag Match
    • Write letters and numbers on the stars and the same ones on the flags. Have your child match each letter/number on the star to the same letter/number on the flag.
  • Put together the Craft Stick Puzzle
    • You can have your child paint this puzzle first, or you can pre-paint it the night before.
  •  Play the Roll and Cover game.
    • Give your child some dice.  Have them cover the number that they roll with a marker of some sort.


  • Items for Lilypad Hop
    • Green Construction Paper
    • Scissors
  • Items for Frogs on a Lilypad game, adapted from Teach Preschool
    • Green Construction Paper
    • Plastic Frogs (they sell these at Dollar Tree)
    • Dice
  • Gather items for Lily Pad Hop
    • Cut lily pads from green construction paper
    • If desired, write letters and/or numbers on the lily pads
  •  Gather items for Frogs on a Lilypad game, adapted from Teach Preschool 
    • Use the lily pads from the Lily Pad Hop, or cut out more.
  •  Print out desired printables
  • Review the letter F
  • Focus on F is for Frog
  • Play Lily Pad Hop
    • Scatter the lily pads around your living room floor.  Your child can pretend to be a frog and hop from pad to pad.
    • Make it a little more challenging by calling out a letter or number and having your child hop to that specific pad.
  •  Play the Frogs on a Lilypad game, adapted from Teach Preschool 
    • Give your child a lilypad, a dice or two, and at least six frogs.
    • Have your child roll the dice, then place the correct number of frogs on the lily pad.
  •  Do desired printables


  • Gather items for Go Fishing!
    • This will depend on what you choose to use for this activity
  •  Print and prepare desired printables
  • Review the letter F
  • Focus on F is for Fish
    • If you can, visit the pet store and look at all the fish on display.  Fun and free field trip!
  • Play Go Fishing!
    • Let your child "fish", using whatever you have devised.
    • You can make this challenging by writing letters and numbers onto the fish and having your child try to catch a specific one.
    • Or, make it fun by putting different "surprises" onto the fish, like "get a chocolate chip", or commands, like "roll on the floor".
  • Do the Tissue Paper Fish Craft, from All Kids Network 
    • Remove the backing from the contact paper and place sticky-side-up on a flat surface.  Have your child place pieces of colored tissue paper onto the contact paper to make a pretty fish.
  • Do desired printables.


  • Items for My Family Tree, by DLTK Bible
    • Template
    • printer
    • paper
    • scissors
    • something to color with (if using the B&W template)
    • glue
    • marker
    • OPTIONAL:  photos of the family members
  • Items for Friends Collage
    • Poster Board
    • Pictures of friends
  •  Gather items for Friends Collage
    • Gather pictures of friends
  •  Print out desired printables
  • Review the letter F
  • Focus on F is for Friends and Family
    • Talk with your child about the people in his life; who are his family members and who are his friends.
  • Make a Friends Collage
    • Attach the pictures of your child's friends to a poster board.
  • Have a Play Date with some friends, or get together with a family member!
  • Do any desired printables


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