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Welcome!!  I'm so glad that you're here.  I am very excited about this website and the fun that we are going to have with our preschoolers this year.

Let me tell you a little about myself, then I'll tell you about this blog.


My name is Jennifer and I am a stay-at-home mom to four children.  My husband, Jim, and I have been married for 15 years.

I am a task-oriented person.  I like routines, plans, goals and getting things done.  Crafty and creative, I am not.  Give me materials and a set of instructions and I'm good to go.  Hand me some random items and ask me to make something up out of my imagination, I can't do.  I don't do well flying by the seat of my pants.


My oldest, Katelyn, is 11 and will be entering sixth grade in the Fall 2012.  She attends a private Christian school associated with our church.

My first son, Tyler, is 10.  Tyler has Asperger's.  He is "schooled-at-home" through a virtual public school.

My second son is Jason and he is 4.  He will be entering Kindergarten in the Fall of 2013 at the same Christian school that Katelyn is attending.  He is my preschooler.

Last, but not least, Justin is 2.  He will be tagging along with Jason as we do school.


As I began contemplating the fact that Jason will be entering Kindergarten next year, I felt strongly that I wanted to do a preschool program with him this year.  My reasoning was two fold:  First, I need to keep him and Justin busy while Tyler is doing his schoolwork.  This busy has to be intentional and planned because I've learned that "Go play" usually ends with the boys in the school room, bugging Tyler.

Second, I feel that there are areas that I want Jason to be stronger in before he starts Kindergarten.  Katelyn and Tyler were both exposed to preschool and K4.  Jason and Justin will not be.

I have been browsing websites, pinning ideas and doing a lot of thinking.  I am now prepared to begin writing my lesson plans for our preschool year 2012-2013.  And I thought, "Why not share it?"  Surely there are other mothers out there who are not creative and crafty, and need a plan to do anything.  Since I'm already taking the time to make my plan, I can share it with you and save you the time.

So that's what this blog will do.


On Mondays I will post the lesson plan that we will be using for the following week.  This will give you one week to review the plan, gather materials and prepare.  I will include a materials list with the lesson plan.

Wednesdays will be dedicated to a blog post on anything that I feel is relevant.

Fridays will be a fun review day.  We will look back at our week, sharing pictures and comments about how things went, both the negative and the positive.  I will provide a linky.

Sound like fun?

Here are a few things that you should know:

1.  I am not a licensed anything. I do have a BA degree in Psychology, however, I'm really just a mom with a plan who thought it would be fun to share it with you.  If anything makes you uncomfortable, or you feel like my pedagogy is all wrong, so be it.

2.  I am preparing Jason for the Abeka curriculum, so that will influence what I focus on.

3.  I don't come up with all the fun ideas (although sometimes I do surprise myself!).  Most of the ideas will come from super wonderful creative people and will be duly credited.  My job is to gather them into a concise, weekly plan.

Thanks for joining us!

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