Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Had a Chat with the Kindergarten Teacher!

Sunday night I was able to spend a few minutes talking with Jason's (planned-to-be) Kindergarten Teacher.  It was such a blessing to be able to pick her brain while we spent a few minutes standing in line for birthday cake at a party after church :)

I started the conversation by asking her how her Kindergarten class was going this year.  She teaches K4 and K5 in a combined classroom, which usually consists of the K5 students and one or two K4ers.  Well, this year the balance tipped and she actually has more K4 students!  She even has a super-smart 3 year old.  It's definitely a different make-up.

After we talked about that, I expressed my concern that Jason is one of the only students who will be in his Kindergarten class next year who is not going to K4 this year, that he would be behind the rest of the students next year. 

I was so grateful that she was quick to assure me that there wouldn't be any problems, in fact, Jason might be ahead of them, because "he's getting to be home and learning from momma" (her words!)

Then we talked for awhile about what and how I was teaching Jason.

She asked if I was starting with the vowels first.  Um, no, I just started with A and we are working our way through the alphabet.

She recommended that I teach the vowels first, telling Jason "these are the vowels".  Then, as I add in the consonants, I can add the vowels with them, showing him how they work together to form words, and teaching him how to read!  It was very interesting and made a lot of sense.  I am definitely thinking about how to work this in without losing the structure that we have already set in place.

I also shared with her that Jason told me that he was bored.  Her response:  Up the challenge!

I've been going slow because Jason doesn't know his letters yet, but I am going to start adding in more challenging work, not being afraid to add in words and letters that we haven't officially learned yet.

I'm also going to start teaching Jason addition.  He knows all of his numbers and how to count to ten, so he's definitely ready for the next level.

This week we are doing a review week, which is going really well.  I'll share more details of what we are doing on Friday.

Next week I am going to continue with the plan of doing the letter F, but as I've been prepping, I've been picking more challenging worksheets and activities.  I'm excited to see Jason rise to the challenge.

I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to pick the Kindergarten Teacher's brain, especially while she was "off duty" (we got to church together).

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