Friday, September 28, 2012

Following the Plan Friday: Review Week

We had a fun and busy week of review.  Jason did really well, and like I said on Wednesday, I'm going to up the challenge a little next week and see how he does.

Monday we did the first of our Fall days by doing another Apple day. 
We did the Apple Tree Felt Game from Iowa Farmer's Wife, but I changed it up a little.  I wrote A-E on the apples.  Then, I called out a letter and Jason put all of the apples with that letter on them into the tree.  He did really well.

I finally picked up some bingo markers from Dollar Tree, so the boys were able to do Do-A-Dot pages for the first time.  THEY LOVED IT!!!  Seriously, it was quite a hit.

Completing a trace and color page.

Working on the Stuffed Lacing Apple.  I had them paint a lunch bag, then stuff it with tissue paper.  Then I punched holes and they laced it shut.

I have no recollection of Tuesday and no pictures, except that I do remember making masking tape letters on the tile and having the boys drive their cars along them, use them as balance beams, and move to the correct one when I called out a letter or sound.

Wednesday we had a lot of fun doing review activities and we breezed through almost every single on that I had planned.

We did the Tactile Letters Craft, just B-D (I didn't have any elbow macaroni and I figured we did enough A on Monday).  We did beans for B, cotton for C and dots for D.  My ten-year-old wanted to do it, too.  Good sensory play :)
I gave Jason a set of alphabet cards and a set of letter magnets.  I asked him to set out the cards, then put the letter magnet on the matching card.  For each letter, I named it and made the sound and had him copy me.

Inspired by this pin, I made pages with letters on it, and a legend and asked Jason to cover each letter with the correct colored dot.
For Justin, I made pages with the same letter on it and had him cover the letter with a colored dot.

Similar to the Clothespin Matching Game, I cut off the bumpy part of a paper plate, then wrote the letters we were reviewing around the circle multiple times.  Then I wrote the same letters on colored dots and attached each one to a clothespin.  Jason matched the letter on the clothespin to the letter on the paper plate

More Do-A-Dot pages.  These are great for hand-eye coordination.
On Thursday I took the boys to the park and called it a field trip.  We needed a break and the weather was finally nice enough. 

Friday is our longer chapel day, then when we came home, I let the boys play computer games.  I'm awesome that way.  Seriously, though, I had run out of things to do, so it worked.  Jason did do some of his leftover tracer pages.

Overall it was a great week and I can't wait for all the fun we are going to have next week on the letter F!

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