Sunday, September 16, 2012

Following the Plan Friday (er, Sunday): The Letter D

We had a great week of D projects!

The favorite by far was the Dino Dig.  I put sand into plastic shoe boxes from Dollar Tree, then buried dog bones, also from Dollar Tree.  The weather was unusually cool, so we were able to play on the front porch.  The boys had a great time digging in the sand.

On duck day we went to a nearby park to feed the ducks.  There were over 30 ducks there and they were not shy!!!  Forget the idyllic "standing on the bank throwing bread into the river".  We stood right next to our van and threw the bread while the ducks quacked all around us.  None of them attacked, thankfully.  Quite an experience.  Picture taking was impossible.

On Dog day the boys made dog ears, dog tags and tails.  We played "obedience school" and the boys LOVED the Feed the Dog game.  I wrote letters on the "bones" and said "Okay, feed the dogs all the As".  It was fun!

The boys also enjoyed painting dump trucks on Dump Truck Day.

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