Monday, August 27, 2012

Lesson Plan Week of September 3; The Letter D

Wow, can you believe that we've made it to the letter D?

This will be a four-day week as there is NO SCHOOL on Labor Day!!

We are a little animal-heavy this week, partly because Jason asked me during A week when we were going to do dinosaurs.  I was a little surprised as he had never indicated a preference for dinosaurs before.  But, I put them in there.

I also choose dogs, because I found the cutest game on Pinterest, and ducks because I love Jez Alborough's Duck books.  Finally, we toss in dump trucks because my boys love them.

Note:  I did away with the "X is for WORD" signs.  They were driving me crazy.  I will write the word on the dry erase board and only insert a picture if I need to.


  • Gather Items for Dino Feet
    • Prepare the feet as much as desired.  You may want to make the whole thing and just have your child play in them, or you may want them to help you make all or part of it.
  •  Gather Items for Dino Bones Dig
    • Paint the dog bones white.
    • Fill the dish or tub with sand.
    • Bury the bones.
    • If using plastic dinosaurs, bury them.
  •  Print off desired printables
  • Review the letters A, B, and C.  
    • Do not go forward if your child is not recognizing the differences between the letters, their shapes and their sounds.  Go back and review as necessary.
  • Introduce the letter D.
    • Show your child the letter D on the alphabet sign.
    • Make the D sound and have your child copy you.
    • Sometimes children confuse the letter D with the letter B.  For upper case letters, point out that the letter B has two openings and the letter D only has one.
    • See how many D words that you can come up with.
  •  Focus on Dinosaurs
    • Talk with your child about Dinosaurs and see how much they know about them.  Discussions can lead to talks about great family memories (like seeing the Dinosaur Mountain at our local natural history museum, or the Dinosaur Diorama at Disneyland), or remembering books read, or maybe your family are Dinosaur fanatics.
  • Make and/or Play with Dino Feet
  • Have a Dino Bones Dig
    • Hide the bones and/or the plastic dinosaurs in the sand and let your child dig around and find them.  Provide little tools like shovels, sticks, or paintbrushes.
  •  Allow your child to do any desired printables, linked above 


  • Items for Dog Dress Up
    • Construction Paper
    • Glue, Tape, Staples
    • Markers, Crayons
  • Gather items for Dog Dress Up
  • Gather items for Feed the Dog Game
    • Make the Dog, following the directions here
    • Make the bones, following same directions
  • Gather the items for Color Matching Doghouses
    • Print out the dogs and doghouses
    • Cut them out
  • Print off desired printables
  • Review
  • Introduce "D is for Dogs"
    • Does your child love dogs or are they terrified of them?  Talk about all things dogs:  types, sizes, colors, but (most) all have four legs and a tail.
    • If possible, swing by the pet store or the humane society and enjoy the dogs.
  • Dress Up Like Dogs
    • Using your supplies, make doggie ears, tails, dog tags, and anything else that sounds fun.
    • Pretend to be dogs.  You can even have "obedience school" and have your dog child practice following directions.
  • Play the Feed the Dog game
    • Pretty Simple, but you can number the bones and ask your child to feed the dog the bone with the correct number on it.
    • If you make the mouth big enough, you can have the child roll a dice and feed that number of bones into the dog.
    • What else can you come up with?


  • Gather materials from Letter "D" Duck Craft
    • Cut all pieces out
  •  Gather items for Footprint Ducks
  • Print out desired printables
  • Review
  • Introduce "D is for Duck"
    • Have you ever taken your child to feed the ducks?  (Are children even allowed to do that anymore with all the HOA rules nowadays?)  Talk about all things ducks:  their different colors, how they can survive on land and water, their webbed feet and beaks, anything your child finds interesting.


  • Gather items for Egg Carton Dump Truck activity
    • Cut and prepare egg cartons as directed
  •  Gather items for Basic Shapes Dump Truck
    • Cut out shapes from assorted construction paper
    • Tear a large pile of tissue paper confetti
  •  Print the Truck Roll and Stamp game
    • If necessary, cut at least a dozen small cards and label them numbers 1-6
  •  Print out the Dot-to-Dot Truck
  • Gather items to Play Trucks in the Sand
    • Fill the sand table, if necessary

  • Review the week
  • Introduce D is for Dump Truck
    • My kids love running to the window on Garbage Day and watching the truck pick up the trash on the street.  It's not exactly the same kind of truck, but close enough that they call out "garbage truck" whenever they see a dump truck, which we see lots of.  Talk with your child about the different kinds of trucks and tractors, work equipment that there is.  

See this week in active here!

Dressed up like dogs, playing Feed the Dog game!

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