Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How I Prep

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the prep work that goes into the lessons?

I thought you might like to see how I plan my lessons out.

As I've mentioned before, Monday's "home-prep" time is slotted for Preschool Prep.  Made sense to me since the lesson plans come out on Monday.

My home-prep time is during the littles' nap, so I generally get about two hours to get some focused work in.  This can change depending on Tyler's needs, so I do have some catch-up time scheduled for later in the week.

(I will post more about my routines and schedules in another post)

The first thing that I do is print out the materials list, preparation guide and lesson plan for the week.  Then, while I'm still on the computer, I go through the materials list and print out whatever needs to be printed.

As I'm printing craft templates or worksheets, I think to myself whether or not Justin, my 2-year-old, while be able to do it.  If not, I consider what I will have him do instead.  For example, I did not print out an I See Apples booklet for him, I just had him put stickers on a blank piece of paper.  This helps to save a little ink.

After everything prints, while I'm still on the computer, I go through the book recommendations and see which books my library has, putting books on hold or getting an inter-library loan, as needed.  If the library just doesn't have access to the book at all, I research a substitute (books are not in the budget right now).

Finally, I gather all my paperwork and sit at a workstation.

All of the paperwork for The Letter A week

I get out five folders and write a day of the week on them.  Then I sort all the paperwork and put each day's papers into the appropriate file.

Daily Folders
I get a box and start filling it with materials.  In goes the paper plates, in goes the paint.  Grab some newspaper from the recycle bin.

The box

As I toss something in, I check it off the materials list.

If the item is something that I have, but I can't put into the box at that moment, I circle it, and make a note, if necessary.

If I don't have the item and need to procure it, I high-light the item.

If I'm going to do a substitution for Justin, I make a note of it.

Once I'm done with the Materials list, I turn to the Preparation Guide.  I go through the guide and do any cutting, laminating, or painting that needs to be done.

If time runs out before I'm done, I make a note of where I am and finish it later.

When I'm done, I put everything into the box and put the box in the designated closet.

The next Monday, I pull the box down, grab the day's folder and materials and we are off on other adventure.

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