Friday, August 17, 2012

Follow up on "A is for Ambulance"

Today our letter A focus was on Ambulances.  I tied in a talk with Jason about emergencies and how to call 911.

As I drilled our address into Jason, my 10-year-old let me know that he didn't know what our new address was either.

I got to thinking and decided to make a sign to hang next to our house phone.  It just says "Emergency 911", then "Our Address is xxxxx".

I printed it onto plain paper, then cut it out with pattern scissors.  I backed it with pretty cardstock so I can call it "decor" and covered it with clear contact paper.  Then I hung it at child's eye level.

That way, if they ever need to call, the information is right there next to the phone.

Just one more step towards safety.

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