Friday, August 17, 2012

Following the Plan Friday

This past week was all about the letter A.

I think we are starting to get into a routine now that we've been in school for a full week.

However, Katelyn starts school on the 27th and I know that will throw things off for a few days.

Overall, we had a great week of learning.  The only day that we didn't do school was on Tuesday, which was due to the fact that we were gone all morning shopping for school supplies and clothing.  We were exhausted by the time we got home, so we went straight into lunch and nap time.  Our mid-week service was that night, so I made a principal's decision to dismiss school that day (for the little guys.  Tyler still did his schoolwork.)

All of our lessons and activities went off as planned.  The only thing of note was that Jason asked often for printables, which I hadn't planned a lot of.  I have definitely remedied that mistake in the following weeks' lesson plans.

Here are some pictures of our week:

The Animal Scavenger Hunt was a rousing success.  The boys had so much fun racing laundry baskets through the house looking for things that had animals on them.  When they got back to the table, they spent some time just looking through what they picked and playing with it.  Here, Jason plays Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

Coloring Animal Masks.

Alligator Day.  All the kids gathered around the table for crafts.

Jason coloring his alligator puppet.

I'm trying to increase my Aspie's sensory diet, so I let him fingerpaint.  He seems to enjoy making a huge mess :)

Intense coloring.  Jason wanted to color his alligator different colors and who was I to argue?

Justin love to glue.

And cut.  He just discovered scissors this week (or momma just let him!)

I wish Jason would have let me get a close-up of him.  He was so intent on cutting out his alligator (which wasn't easy, mind you!) that he kept sticking his tongue out the side of his mouth.  Soo cute!

Jason glueing his alligator puppet

Handprint Alligators.  This did not turn out as I had envisioned, but they had fun.

Apple Day.  I realized that I had planned a lot of painting activities!  Good thing my kids like to paint!

The apple painting also didn't go quite as I envisioned.  The only one who was methodical about her painting was the girl.  Coincidence?

The other thing the kids really enjoyed was racing their ambulances through the house as they responded to 911 calls.  It was impossible to get a good picture though.

How was your week?

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