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Lesson Plan for August 27: The Letter C

I am so excited about this week, the letter C!  I have some fun things planned.

"C" can be a hard letter because it can make three different sounds.  For this week, we are going to concentrate on the hard /k/ sound.

A collection of fun printable will help us have a cool cat day.  Cars will be the theme on Tuesday.  Wednesday we will look at things that "Moo".  Thursday we will revisit the caterpillar.  We will end our week will a candy unit!  If candy is not your thing, feel free to substitute with carrots and corn.

Note:  Though we will still be doing them, I will no longer be writing Pledges and the Alphabet Song into my lesson plans.


  • C is for Cat sign
  • Bonus:  Ingredients for Cupcakes
    • Here is a round-up of cat cupcakes ideas

  • Print out the "C is for Cat" sign
  • Gather items for Handprint Cats Activity
  • Gather items for Cat Sorting, if desired
    • Cut pictures out of magazines, or print off of the computer
  •  Print desired activities from the Cat Printable Pack
  • Gather ingredients and items to make cupcakes, if desired

  • Review the letters A and B with your child.
  • Introduce the letter C
    • Show your child the "C is for Cats" sign.
      • Allow your child to color the sign, if desired.
  • Introduce C is for Cats
    • Talk with your child about cats.  According to their interest, you may pull out a Picture Encyclopedia and look at pictures, or maybe find something on the computer.
  •  Make Handprint Cats, from Reading Confetti
    • Dip your child's hand in washable paint.  Press the hand onto construction paper, holding all four fingers straight up, but open, and the thumb out to the side.
    • Turn the paper around.  Use a little bit of paint to draw a tail.  Use markers to draw a face and whiskers.
    • Embellish the picture as desired. 
  • Bonus:  Cat Sorting, from Reading Confetti
    • Cut pictures of different things, including cats out of a magazine, or print pictures off of the internet.
    • Give the child the pictures and ask them to take out all of the cats.





  • Print out the "C is for Car" sign
  • Gather items for Painting with Cars Activity
  • Gather items for Car Wash
  • Print off desired printables

  • Review "C is for Cats", as well as the letters A and B
  • Introduce "C is for Cars"
    • Show the "C is for Cars" sign
    • Talk about cars.  You can be general, or if you child is a fan of the Disney Cars, be specific.  Discuss the different colors and shapes of the cars, and the different kinds of vehicles, such as trucks and vans (which I call cars!)
  • Do the Painting with Cars Activity, from
    • Dip different toy cars into paint and drive the car along paper, making different scenes with the tire tracks.
    • Use cars with different tire tracks, if available.
  • Car Wash, from
    • Those messy cars need a car wash now!  Use water tables, water bins, kitchen sinks, tubs, whatever to wash those cars all up!
  • Do Desired Printables




  • Print "C is for Cow" sign
  • Gather Items for Cow in the Field Activity
  • Gather items for Contact Paper Cow
    • Cut a piece of contact paper into the shape of a cow.  Do not remove the backing yet.
    • Cut white and black tissue paper into lots of small pieces.
  •  Print desired printable

  • Review
  • Introduce "C is for Cows"
    • Ask your child if they have ever seen a cow.  Talk about the size, colors, and, especially about what they give us:  beef and dairy products!

STORYTIME (thanks to Everything Preschool for today's book recommendations)



  • Gather items for C is for Caterpillar Sign
    • Print a block "C" onto one piece of construction paper.  You can cut it out now or have your child cut it out later.
  •  Gather items for Fork and Cup Caterpillars Activity
  • Gather Playdough

  • Review
  • Introduce "C is for Caterpillar"
    • Talk about caterpillars.  Remind your child about the Alphabet Caterpillar that we did the first week of school.  Talk about the shape of the caterpillar:  long with circles.  Also talk about how caterpillars turn into butterflies.
    • If you have never done a butterfly garden with your child, this is the perfect time.  We did the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden last year for Tyler's Science class and everyone got interested and involved in it, even the little guys.  A wonderful visual experience.
  • Make the C is for Caterpillar sign
    • Today we are making our sign, using this activity from No Time For Flashcards
      •  Give your child the block C.
      • Have them glue pom-poms or cotton balls onto the C.
      • If not already done, cut out the C.
      • Glue it to another piece of paper.
      • Attach eyes and pipe cleaner antennas.
      • Write "C is for Caterpillar" on the sign.
  •  Do the Fork and Cup Caterpillar Activity, from Teach Preschool.
    • Follow the instructions here
  •  Play with Playdough
    • Have your child roll the playdough into balls and make caterpillars.




  • Print desired printables, including C is for Candy sign
  • Gather items for Lacing Lifesavers Activity
  • Bonus:  Gather Candy Land Board Game

  • Review
  • Introduce "C is for Candy"
    • What kid doesn't like candy?  
  •  1+1+1=1 has a huge Candy Printables Pack, so today we are going to spend time working on these.
  • Get in some lacing practice lacing lifesavers into a thin lace or a Red Vine.  You don't have to let them eat all of them in one sitting ;)
  • If you have it play the Candy Land Board Game with your child.  They will love it.


Click here for a Printable PDF of the Materials List

Click here for a Printable PDF of the Preparation Guide

Click here for a Printable PDF of the Lesson Plan

Read about the fun we had with the lesson on Following the Plan Friday: The Letter C

Painting With Cars!

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