Monday, September 10, 2012

Lesson Plan for Week of September 17: The Letter E

Welcome to the letter E.  Wow, we're five letters into this already!  Can I confess that I had a hard time finding five things that started with the letter E to focus on this week?  And they don't all start with the same sound :(  Hopefully I don't confuse the kids too much.

We will start the week off studying our Eyes and Ears.  Then we will talk about Eggs.  This one will be fun if your kids like Hide and Seek.  Wednesday we will focus on Elephants.  Thursday we will release lots of Energy by Exercising.  Finally, we will turn to God's word and the story of Queen Esther.  Hope you have fun!

  • Children's Bible
  • Gather items for Elmo Cut and Paste Face Activity
    • Print out Elmo Face Printable
    • If you are going to cut it out before, do that now
  • Gather items for Eyes on E Activity
    • Draw a block E on a piece of paper
  •  Gather items for Listening Ears Craft
    • Print out a left ear and a right ear (I had a hard time finding matching ear images, so you may need to photoshop one)
  •  Print out Coloring Page
  • Review letters A-D
  • Introduce the letter E
    • We are going to focus on the short e sound, like in egg, however some of these words do use the long E or other sounds
  • Focus on E is for Eyes and Ears
    • Talk with your child about their face.  Let them look at themselves in the mirror and point out their eyes and ears.  Make silly faces in the mirror.
    • Talk about the function of the eyes and ears.
    • Who made the eyes and ears?  God!  The Bible says that we are made in his image.
  • Do the Elmo Cut and Paste Face Activity
    • Have your child put together Elmo's face by gluing the pieces of Elmo's face onto a piece of paper.
  • Do the Eyes on E Activity
    • Let your child look through old magazines and cut out pictures of people's eyes.
    • Have the child glue the pictures to the letter E.
  • Do the Listening Ears Craft
    • Have your child color the ears.
    • Attach the ears to the paper plate.
    • Cut the paper plate in half.
    • Attach the pipe cleaner to each half of the plate.
  •  Color the "I Am Thankful" pictures


  • Gather Items for Egg Hunt
    • Print out and laminate eggs, if needed
  •  Gather Items for Egg Nest Craft
    • Draw a nest outline on a piece of construction paper
    • Draw egg shapes on another piece of paper.  Cut out, or have your child do it.
    • Cut out a beak for the bird
  •  Print out worksheets
  • Review the letter E
  • Focus on E is for Egg
    • Hide plastic eggs or paper eggs around the room and send your child on an egg hunt.  Then, let them hid the eggs and you find them.  My boys loved this when we did it with bears a few weeks ago.
    • Talk about where eggs come from, the different animals that lay eggs, the different sizes (robin eggs versus dinosaur eggs), different colors.  Talk about how we cook with eggs, whether or not your child likes eggs, what dishes have eggs in them.
  •  Make an Eggs Nest, from Ceres Childcare and Preschool
    • Give your child a length of brown yarn.  Have them cut it into pieces and glue it into the nest outline.
    • Allow your child to cut out the eggs, if desired
    • Glue the eggs into the nest.
    • Add some feathers, eyes and a beak to make a mama bird.
  • Do Printables listed above
    •  The Egg Color and Match Game can be laminated and cut out and then used as a Memory game. 


  • Gather items for Letter E Elephant Craft
    • Print out printable
    • Cut out the pieces, if desired, or have your child do it during the craft
  • Print out Elephant Tracing Page
  • Print out any desired printables
  • Review the letter E
  • Focus on E is for Elephant
    • Does your child like Elephants?  Talk about all things Elephant


  • Prepare for any activities that you are going to do.  Refer to the websites that you take activities from for instructions
  • Print off any worksheets
  • Review the letter E
  • Focus on E is for Energy and Exercise
    • My kids have tons of energy; how about yours?  Today we are going to focus some of that energy into doing fun exercises.  Talk with your child about the importance of exercise and how energy works.
  • Do lots of exercising!
    • I'm going to let you decide based on what supplies you have, the space you have, and whether you can go outside or not (I'm praying it's finally cool enough for us to go outside!).  Set up obstacle courses, prepare games, or whatever you desire.  If you don't have space and the weather is nice, set up a play date at the park.
  • Do the What is Being Active Worksheet, and any other desired worksheets.



  • Gather items to tell the story of Esther
    • Print out the puppet template from
    • Color as desired
    • Laminate the page
    • Cut out each figure
    • Attach the figures to craft sticks
  • Gather items to make a crown and a royal scepter
  • Gather items for Praying Hands craft
    • Print out a Bible Verse
  • Print out the Esther Coloring Page
  • Review the letter E
  • Focus on E is for Esther
    • Ask your child if they know the story of Queen Esther.
  •  Read the Story of Queen Esther to your child.  You can use the Bible, a Children's Bible or a Printed Story.
    • Use the stick puppets to act out the story.
  •  Make a Royal Crown
    • Using construction paper, cut out a crown to fit your child's head.  You may need to combine more than one page.
    • Allow your child to decorate the crown.
    • They can pretend to be Queen Esther or King Xerxes.
  • Make a Royal Scepter
    • Decorate an empty paper towel tube
    • Attach a small ball, or a ball of paper, or something from your collection to the end.
    • Pretend to be King Xerxes allowing Queen Esther to come into his throne room.
  • Make Praying Hands Craft, adapted from Sowing Mustard Seeds
    • Fold a piece of construction paper in half
    • Cut out the paper in the shape of a hand (maybe use your hand as a template), being careful to place the outside of the hand right at the folded edge.
    • Trace your child's hand onto the larger hand.
    • Open up the linked hands and paste a Bible Verse about prayer into it.
    • Talk with your child about the importance of prayer.
  • Color the Esther Coloring Page


See how this week went for us by clicking here

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