Sunday, October 7, 2012

Following the Plan Friday, The Letter F

We started our F week with another Fall day.  The boys made the Fingerprint Fall Tree and the Leaf Sorting Page.  Then we did worksheets.  I started Jason on addition and he did really well with the concept of x + y =Z.  Later during the week, he struggled a lot with trying to count up two sets of dice, though.

On Tuesday we did Frogs.  I made Lilypads and wrote a letter or a number on each one, then spread them out on the living room floor.  I would call out a name, then a letter or number and the person would have to frog jump to the correct one.  They really enjoyed that exercise.

Later we were doing printables and I was so pleasantly surprised by how well Justin is doing!!!  Up til now, he's been kinda tagging along, doing the crafts and lots of coloring, but I haven't forced anything with him.  I let him go at his own pace.  Well, Tuesday Justin was coloring while I was working with Jason.  Jason finished up a worksheet where you had to match up shapes:  there was six shapes on a page, and six cards that have pictures on them, with a shape in the corner.  The object is to put the correct card on top of the shape.  Justin said he wanted to do the worksheet, so I gave it to him, but didn't really explain it to him.  I turned back to help Jason again.  Justin shouted "I did it!"  He had matched all the shapes correctly!  It was amazing.

A few minutes later I gave him a simple tracer maze to do, not really expecting him to do more than just color the page.  I was so surprised to see him correctly trace the line from beginning to end!  He's learning, he's learning!!!!
After he did the maze several times, he then started scribbling...
Wednesday we did Fish.  I purchased some fish cut-outs from Dollar Tree, wrote letters and numbers on them, then put paper clips around them.  I had two magnets, which I used to make fishing poles.  Unfortunately, the paper clips would not stay attached to the magnets very well, unless you went really slowly, so the fishing wasn't as much fun as we had hoped.

After fishing we made Stained Glass Fish.  This might be one of my favorite crafts.  I drew a fish with black marker onto a piece of clear contact paper.  Then I cut out the fish, along with lots of tissue paper pieces.  When it was time for the craft, I removed the backing from the contact paper and the boys covered it with the tissue paper pieces.  When we turned it over, it really did look like stained glass.  So pretty!

I had Jason do a "copy the pattern" page from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  This was the first time he'd done a page like that and he did it like a pro.

Thursdays and Fridays seem to be shaping up as days that we don't do as much school because we are shopping, or at chapel, or something like that.  Jason did do the flag activities, but it was during naptime while Justin slept and I would give instructions in between trying to blog.


I am very pleased with the progress I'm seeing in my boys!

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