Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's okay to say "Not today"

In case you haven't noticed, things haven't gone exactly according to plan recently.  My days have been full, full, full.  Life is a juggling act; I'm sure you feel that way, too.

It makes me feel guilty to push preschool to the bottom of the list, so I push, push, push and sometimes we hit the mark and sometimes we don't.  And then other things fall by the wayside, too.

How do I juggle it all?  I don't know.

But, I decided yesterday to give myself a break.  I hadn't had a chance to fully prep for "Hat" day and I was feeling overwhelmed and guilty.

We came home from chapel and I was turning over in my mind what I could pull together.  Even though my lesson plan said to pair "hats" with a community helper theme, I just wasn't feeling it.  I had looked over some of the printables last week and just couldn't gather any excitement.  And I was also thinking "but what if I want to use these for Police/Fireman/Doctor day?"  I just wasn't feeling that push to do the lesson.

And so I didn't.

That's right.  I didn't do the lesson.

We've been having nice weather finally and the boys have been spending a lot of time in our dirt backyard.  As soon as we got home from chapel, they ran outside to play.

I looked at the computer, pondering what to print out and prepare and finally I said "Forget it.  I do not have to do this today.  It doesn't matter what the lesson plan says.  It's a plan, not an edict.  The boys need vitamin D and fresh air.  Preschool today is free play!"

I gave myself permission to say "Not today" to our schedule.

It felt so freeing. 

And today we jumped right back into it with a fun Hippo day.  It was okay.

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