Friday, October 12, 2012

Following the Plan Friday; The Letter G

I have no pictures to show you!  Can you believe that?  For one thing, it's hard to take pictures while you're busy telling a story and holding a mask over your face, and second, who wants to see pictures of the exact same thing (worksheets) every week?

So, I have to confess that our week wasn't all that exciting (Is this normal?  We really have hit the drudgery days of school, I think.  All four kids, really).

Monday was a holiday that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Tuesday we did Goats.  That was fun.  I printed out some masks from the Sparklebox, assigned each kid a role and we acted out the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff.  The boys got a big kick out of kicking the troll over the bridge.

I also picked some gems from the dollar store and we included those into our worksheet routine.  Now the boys cover their dot pages with gems before doing the dot markers.

We did Gumballs on Wednesday, hoping that we would be able to go to the library and pick up Goodnight, Gorilla, but we never made it there.  So on Thursday we spent the morning at the park and I had the boys do some of the gorilla activities that afternoon, but we didn't get to do the book.  Bummer.

Today we are going to do our Green activities.  I think the boys are going to love the pudding!

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