Monday, July 23, 2012

A Bumpy Start

I went to bed last night so excited.

"My "School Supply List" post will be up in the morning.  After weeks of writing, my blog is live!  I can't wait to dive into this thing."

I woke up this morning and turned on the computer as quickly as I could.

And almost cried.

My beautiful post looked nothing like it was supposed to.  The HTML was all off, making spaces where there wasn't supposed to be spaces, colors off, and the links...

Oh, the links!

Thank you, Amazon, for your wonderful little glitch that I just discovered.

So I quickly scrambled to fix things, and every time I fixed one thing, it seemed like another problem showed up.  I'm sure someone is wondering why they have 75 post updates in their email.

My boys fought in the background over blocks and coloring, angry because Mom wasn't paying them attention, sensing my tension and frustration.

And finally, half of my post refused to go back to black font, so I just sighed in frustration and changed it all to pink.

And wanted to quit the whole thing.

"How embarassing!  I can just imagine the 15 people who have already read this post this morning thinking to themselves 'Well, I had hopes, but, wow, what a terrible post'.  Ugh, I just want to quit now."

The quiet voice inside my head whispered back "Would you let your kids quit?"

I wouldn't.

I would tell them to find their mistakes, figure out what went wrong, and try again.  And make their next effort better than the last.  And that one mistake does not mean failure.

And, really, what am I trying to do here anyway?  Wow everyone with my awesome computer skills (haha, yeah right!) or have fun with my preschooler?

So I will carry on, and make sure that my links are working!

I'm so sorry for this bumpy start.  Thanks for baring with me.

I've got lots of fun planned and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

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